Hello, my name is Jack Martin and I'm proud to bring you Pro-Mark Broomsticks™ for the one of a kind drummer looking for something different. With the help of my family, we grow the broomcorn on our farm and make every pair of broomsticks by hand. This is the same material we use to make our brooms. Once the broomcorn is dried I prepare the broomcorn to be made into broomsticks. They give a natural sound on the snare drum and a smooth ring on the cymbals. Great for country, blues, jazz, lite rock – you just have to try them. Many of Nashville’s big time country drummers use broomsticks in the studio.


The Story of Broomsticks

Drummer and broom maker Jack Martin; and his son-in-law drummer and broom maker prodigy Jack Tipton make Pro-Mark Broomsticks™. The idea for broomsticks was born when Jack and his wife, blues singer Dee Fisk, participated in a Civil War reenactment. Through researching musical performances of that day they found that bones or small bundles of broom straw taken from an old broom was often used to keep the beat.

If you have any questions about our broomsticks please contact me at info@hhbrooms.com; or call direct to 731-645-4823 and ask for “Jack the Broom Maker”.

If you are looking for broomsticks, check your local music store or visit www.promarkdrumsticks.com. You can call Pro-Mark toll free at 1-877-Promark. They will put the best drumsticks in your hands.

Happy Drumming,
Jack & Dee

Another opinion on Broomsticks!
Mike Dolbear