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Broom # / Description

#1. Ultra Light Kitchen Broom (Add $10.00 for Rainbow colored broomcorn)
Dee’s. Favorite (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#2. Heavy-Duty House Broom
This Is the Size Made by Jack’s Ancestors (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#3. Three Pound Warehouse Broom
A Monster Broom Great For Shops, Concrete, Horse Barns, Etc.


#4. Old-Fashioned Round Broom
Type Of Broom Made By Ben Franklin (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#5. Large Hearth Broom
We Made These Brooms For The T.V. Show Christy (All On Hand-Cut Handles)

Overall Length- 34” (Specify Sewn Flat Or Round)


#6. Old-Fashioned Cobweb Broom
For Those Hard-To-Reach Places (All On Hand-Cut Handle) Average Length-64”


#7. Car Broom (Whisk Broom) (Add $5.00 for Rainbow colored broomcorn)
Has A Little Handle And Is Great For Many Small Jobs


#8. Twisted-Handle Hearth Broom
Twisted By “Mother Nature”, Each Handle Is Unique-No Two Alike


#9. Small Hearth Broom (Add $5.00 for Rainbow colored broomcorn)
One Of Our Best Sellers (All On Hand-Cut Handle) Overall Length 28” (Flat Or Round)


#10. Child’s Broom (Add $5.00 for Rainbow colored broomcorn)
Start Your Child Out Right (Also For Quick Pick-Ups, Tents, Campers, Etc.)


#11. "Wood Spirit” Hearth Broom
Face Is Hand-Carved Into Handle (Size Of Large Hearth Broom) (Sewn Flat Or Round)


#12. Handmade Kitchen Mop
Twelve Ounces Of 100% Cotton, You Just Can’t Find-Mops Like These Any More!


#13. Child’s Mop / Quick Pick-Up Mop
Six Ounces Of 100%Cotton, Use Your Imagination For The Dozens Of Jobs This Mop Can Do 


#14. Beauty Shop Broom (Add $10.00 for Rainbow colored broomcorn)
Lighter Than #1, Great for Picking Up Hair. Easy To Handle: Weighs One Pound


#15. Fireplace Broom On Iron Handle
Each Handle Is Hand-made by a Local Blacksmith into a Shepard’s Hook


#16. Walking Staff With Leather Grip
General Measurement Is From Your Nose To The Floor Specify Measurement With Order.
Add $4.00 For Polyurethane Finish.

#17. Mini Broom/Fan Pull
Looks Like A Kitchen Broom But It’s Only 7” Long’ Comes On 30” Adjustable String, Comes With Red, Blue Or Brown Thread. Great Doll Broom.


#17 By The Dozen

#18. Cake Tester Broom
Hang It In Your Kitchen And Break A Broomstraw Off To See If Your Cake Is Done. Great Gift.

#18 By The Dozen


#19. Old-Time Pot Scrubber
Like Grandma Used. Great For Wok’s, Cast Iron. Makes a Great Gift!


#19 By The Dozen


#20. Numbus 2000


All Handles Can Be Personalized With Names, Initials, Dates, Etc. For 25 Cents per Letter/Number.
Handle Lengths Can Be Customized For A Shorter Or Taller Person For An Extra $2.00.
If You Have An Old Broom That Needs A New Head We Can Put One On For You.
Price Would Depend On Size Of Broom.

Let Us Know Your Needs and We’ll Do Our Best to Fill Them.

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Shipping Time Can Be From Same Day To Six Weeks, Depending On Your Order And The Time Of Year, But It’s Usually Within Two Weeks.

We’ll Do Our Best To Get Out Rush Orders And Last Minute Holiday Orders
Even If It Means Extra Late Hours.

Please call for shipping/handling prices.

Shipping Cost Goes Down When You Order More Than One Broom Sent To Same Address.

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