Order Form Worksheet
Broom # / Description

#1. Ultra Light Kitchen Broom
Dee’s. Favorite (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#2. Heavy-Duty House Broom
This Is the Size Made by Jack’s Ancestors (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#3. Three Pound Warehouse Broom
A Monster Broom Great For Shops, Concrete, Horse Barns, Etc.


#4. Old-Fashioned Round Broom
Type Of Broom Made By Ben Franklin (Add $10 For Hand-Cut Handle)


#5. Large Hearth Broom
We Made These Brooms For The T.V. Show Christy (All On Hand-Cut Handles)

Overall Length- 34” (Specify Sewn Flat Or Round)


#6. Old-Fashioned Cobweb Broom
For Those Hard-To-Reach Places (All On Hand-Cut Handle) Average Length-64”


#7. Car Broom (Whisk Broom)
Has A Little Handle And Is Great For Many Small Jobs


#8. Twisted-Handle Hearth Broom
Twisted By “Mother Nature”, Each Handle Is Unique-No Two Alike


#9. Small Hearth Broom
One Of Our Best Sellers (All On Hand-Cut Handle) Overall Length 28” (Flat Or Round)


#10. Child’s Broom
Start Your Child Out Right (Also For Quick Pick-Ups, Tents, Campers, Etc.)


#11. ‘Wood Spirit” Hearth Broom
Face Is Hand-Carved Into Handle (Size Of Large Hearth Broom) (Sewn Flat Or Round)


#12. Handmade Kitchen Mop
Twelve Ounces Of 100% Cotton, You Just Can’t Find-Mops Like These Any More!


#13. Child’s Mop / Quick Pick-Up Mop
Six Ounces Of 100%Cotton, Use Your Imagination For The Dozens Of Jobs This Mop Can Do 


#14. Beauty Shop Broom
Lighter Than #1, Great for Picking Up Hair. Easy To Handle: Weighs One Pound


#15. Fireplace Broom On Iron Handle
Each Handle Is Hand-made by a Local Blacksmith into a Shepard’s Hook


#16. Walking Staff With Leather Grip
General Measurement Is From Your Nose To The Floor Specify Measurement With Order.
Add $4.00 For Polyurethane Finish.

#17. Mini Broom/Fan Pull
Looks Like A Kitchen Broom But It’s Only 7” Long’ Comes On 30” Adjustable String, Comes With Red, Blue Or Brown Thread. Great Doll Broom.



#17 By The Dozen

#18. Cake Tester Broom
Hang It In Your Kitchen And Break A Broomstraw Off To See If Your Cake Is Done.
Great Gift.

#18 By The Dozen


#19. Old-Time Pot Scrubber
Like Grandma Used. Great For Wok’s & Cast Iron. Makes a Great Gift!


#19 By The Dozen


#20. Numbus 2000

Shipping / Handling
Tenn. residents add 9.25% Sales Tax to total price of brooms

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Or Send Your Order With Your Personal Check Or Money Order To:
Hockaday Handmade Brooms
2074 Highway 142
Selmer, TN. 38375

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