How to Make A Broom

The process begins with growing the broomcorn; which takes a little over three months. Once it is ready to pick, I walk through the field and snap off the top of each broom stalk; as this is the part I use to make the broom. Next I dry the broomcorn for about two months before I can use it.
Now I put the broom handle in the wrapping table and tie some wire to the end of the handle and start turning the handle. As I turn the handle I wrap layer after layer of broomcorn on to the handle until I get the size I want. Once I have the broom wrapped onto the handle it is round in shape. I have a tall vise, which I place the broom into, and I clamp the broom tight; this also flattens the broom.
Then I take a long needle, (about 6” long) and hand-stitch the broom. Once the broom is wrapped and stitched, I add the label and tag. I put a leather tie at the top of every broom so you can hang your broom up. You should never leave your broom sitting on the floor, by hanging it up you will keep the head of the broom nice and straight; which will make the broom last for years. The average life of a Hockaday Handmade Broom is between 6 – 10 years.
We have people ask us all the time how long it takes to make a broom, and my reply is 5 months and 45 minutes. 5 months to grow and prepare our crop, and 45 minutes to put it on the handle.

All of our brooms are made with LOVE!